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April 16, 2009 | By Halley T. | 8 comments

Good morning!

I hope that everyone is so excited about these two competitions to win CMHS some serious money.

Zootoo kinks seem to have worked themselves out. Please be good sports and continue to vote 10x a day per account until the 19th!

About this "new" contest we've entered, I'm not sure if everyone has had the same issue that I've had with trying to vote on this site. I eventually outsmarted the program, and searched the entire state of MO for our shelter!

Just a little note. . . don't get frustrated....Let's get paid! (Show us the $!)

Here is my voting routine:

1. Zootoo, zootoo, ZOOTOO

2. www.animalrescuesite.com
2a. Click on the purple button, "Click Here to Give-it's FREE!"
2b. Click on the red font. "VOTE NOW!" (Top right corner of page)
2c. Search and Vote USA-MO, we are page 3 of 13. ONCE A DAY

3. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that we can win both!

Thank you for all you do, please contact us here at the shelter if there are any questions, comments or concerns!
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Lisa T.

Lisa T.
6 years ago

I've been voting on both sites every day. I was already clicking on the animal site every day to donate a bowl of dog food or whatever, so this is just one more step. :)

Dave M.

Dave M.
6 years ago

Yeah, this contest (Animal Rescue Site) is very easy & pretty-much spelled out on the site, unlike the voting process for ZooToo as far as how to create a profile, upload a photo, the 3 phases, etc. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate what ZooToo is doing, but I have been getting at LEAST five phone calls each evening from people with questions about how to navigate the ZooToo site or get their account set up so they can vote. I know ZooToo makes money from page impressions & ads, but man, is this site a maze, or what? LOL

We really need to step it up with this second contest if we want to win; we're not even in the Top 50 right now! Please continue voting & spreading the word, and of course don't neglect ZooToo as far as voting and spreading the word, as well! We have all this momentum and buzz going, let's kick it up a notch, tipping-point style :)

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