Director Resigns

November 20, 2009 | By Andy E. | 1 comment

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6 years ago

I am not an "insider" and perhaps should not even make a comment but... there have been problems with CMHS for a long time, longer ago than just 2005. However, CMHS needs the support of the City and if this resignation helps the City to FINALLY step up and take some action to truly support CMHS then perhaps this is for the best. The lack of community support for abandoned and abused animals is shameful.

It was the Zootoo contest that made me take another look at the CMHS and decide to get involved. It seemed that at long last the entire community coming together to make a real difference for animals. The awareness and sense of community was as important as the money. So if this resignation helps to clear the way, to improved community and city involvement and a manager who is perhaps more skilled in business management and fund raising, then everything that has brought us to this point will be worthwhile. Given our community, CMHS should be a "state-of-the-art" facility.

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