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April 27, 2009 | By Sue J. | 1 comment

I'd also like to give my vote of approval and many thanks to those who sent emails urging, demanding, commanding, ordering us to keep voting. You kept the ball rolling!
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Dave M.

Dave M.
6 years ago

I agree! This really shows the power of the Internet age. Everyone forwarding emails to their friends and family, I think, is a significant part of what made this possible.

CMHS is working on putting together a public e-mail mailing list. The online sign-up isn't ready yet, but if you haven't already, please join the CMHSmakeover.com online mailing list here (see link below), which will be merged with the CMHSpets.org mailing list once it's ready. We'll have lots more updates as they become available about the progress of the makeover and how you can get involved. Photos & audio from this morning's press conference are posted now under the News tab, as well:


Dave Muscato
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