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December 1, 2008 | By James L. | 1 comment

Hi all, just thought I'd break the ice. I figure it would be nice if we all shared pictures and talk about our cats. I suppose I'll start by introducing you all to Six, I guess you could call her the groups cover girl. She loves to play fetch with her toy mice (good thing she doesn't realize that's almost like she's a dog). You'll never see her laying or sitting anywhere far away from her toy mice, unless her little brother lost them all (then she'll be moping). She also likes to be the first thing my fiancee sees in the morning as she hops on top of her and head nudges her once the alarm goes off. She's also so loving and is such a good lap cat. Plus she's so well behaved! It's no wonder I think she's a special kind of cat and from my research calico's tend to have very distinctive personalities. And I'd have to say she's definitely much smarter than the two dopey clown males we have.

But anyways I hope this can start some discussion and picture sharing. If you have a male calico I'd really like to know about it as that is quite rare.
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Cindy A.

Cindy A.
6 years ago

That is rare to have a male calico! Wow! I think that is so funny that your cat makes your fiance wake up when she is supposed to! LOL! My Buddy lets me know when it is time to go to bed.

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