How to help get points daily keep us in the top 20!

January 29, 2009 | By jennifer r. | 2 comments

Refer a Friend 50 points
Use our "invite friends" link. Email validation from your friend is required

Write a Journal 15 points
Limited to 2 journal entries per day

Upload a Video 25 points
Limited to 3 video uploads per day

Profile Photo 25 points
Add or update your Profile Photo during the makeover. 1 time only

Write a Review 20 points
Limited to 3 reviews per day

Upload a Photo 15 points
Limited to 5 photo uploads per day

Comment on News 5 points
Limited to 5 news discussions per day

Answer a Question 4 points
Limited to 1 answer per day

Vote on Pet War 1 point
Limited to 5 votes per day
Comments (2)
Judy A.

Judy A.
6 years ago

Time is running out for us to make points so please get on your computers and help. We are still number four and still slipping. The voting will be coming up soon and if we get picked in the top ten we will really need all of you. The animals, the shelter, the staff and volunteers and the community are counting on you. Let's show the country that little small town Chico is strong and determined to take care of furbabies.

Judy A.

Judy A.
7 years ago

Adopt! The shelter earns 200 points if you adopt and register a code number with Zootoo. Encourage people to join Zootoo. BHS will need all the votes we can get if we are picked as one of the top ten shelters to win the makeover. You will need to join Zootoo to vote so do it early.

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