We have to make a big jump in points.

March 8, 2009 | By Alvin & Gretchen | 1 comment

Down to the wire now. We can do this. We now have over 3,200 affiliated members/supporters. We are only 462,604 away from 1st place. I have been telling all my friends to join Zootoo even if it is just till the contest is over. Make sure you have a profile photo in place. 100 points is just 3 reviews (60), 2 journal entries (30) and 2 news comments (10) a day. I know everyone cannot upload pictures and videos but maybe you have a friend that has a digital camera and can do it for you. Lets get those points!!!!!!
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Judy A.

Judy A.
6 years ago

Thank you so much for all your effort. We are doing really well and even if we stay where we are, we have a good chance of being in the top ten. Then it will be a big push to get all the votes we can. So we will need to contact all our friends and family across the nation to vote for our wonderful shelter animals. It is for them that we are all working so hard. Keep up your good work.

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