The Day the Earth Stood Still

March 27, 2009 | By Linda

Joe Frazz one of our Zootoo affiliates, has entered a contest. Joe helps LHS each week by taking professional photographs of our adoptable dogs for Petfinder. Joe is currently participating in an online photography contest. Joe's dream photography assignment is a 30-day road trip beginning at Liberty State to California. In each state, Joe will stop at an animal shelter and take a photograph of the one dog or cat that has been at that shelter the longest or that is in need of urgent medical care. By the days end, that animal's photograph will be posted up on a national websites including Facebook. A blog and video documentary will also be created as Joe makes his way across the country. Other subjects and situations will be photographed on the way but the main focus will be to photograph the dogs and cats being cared for in animal shelters across the United States in the hopes that they will be adopted by someone who has viewed their photograph.

Once arriving back in Liberty State Park dogs and their owners will gather to attempt to break a Guinness world record in the biggest sit and stay ever. Also, an attempt will be made to photograph the most dogs and their owners ever gathered together in one place at one time. The photograph will be taken from above the crowd on a 30 ft boom once the Guinness effort is complete. This event will be coined "THE DAY THE DOGS STOOD STILL". This is the time to help make a difference for those who have no voice for themselves. This assignment can change the life for many, raise awareness for a cause and with the help of friends, family and supporters of this cause Joe is asking you to please join him in helping make this effort a reality. Cast your vote for his dream photography assignment by logging onto:
http: //tinyurl.com/df9zvc

He needs about 234 votes to take over first. With everyone here on Zootoo, he can blow the roof out on the voting. It only takes a moment or two to register and vote!!!!

I had to add a space between the colon and //. Take the space out and copy into your brower.
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