Fostering - important and vital

December 3, 2008 | By Sarah j. | 3 comments

So are there so many people who dont?
I want to foster so much, but cant because of the size of my apartment, that and I am at the animal max for the apartment (2 animals). Most people think that you are only fostering kittens and puppies, but you also can foster animals that need to be socialized, or in a less stressful living situation. you also could foster animals that are recovering from a surgery, etc.

I suppose what I am trying to convey to everyone is that you can foster animals other ththan kittens and puppies and that fostering can be a great service to the community and to the shelter.

When you foster, you are giving a animal a sense of what they can expect in their permanent home.

You get reimbursed for any veterinary attention is needed by the animal fostered, as well as given most of the time, bedding, some toys and food.

If you can give your time and affection to an animal in need, try fostering.
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Diane  W.

Diane W.
7 years ago

Thank you Sarah for your comments regarding fostering. It is very rewarding. I have only fostered a couple of times and only for kittens. I shall broaden my horizons and check out older cats.

Lori B.

Lori B.
7 years ago

Dear Sarah J.,

I would like to add you as a friend and to also help out the shelter that I am representing; The Animal Welfare League of Chicago Ridge, IL. Thanks for your help!

Lori Bullio

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