What do I need to know before getting a bunny

November 17, 2009 | By Tongss | 1 comment

I have always wanted a big floppy bunny but I do not know what kind of commitment that would be. Can bunnies be allowed to roam freely around the house? Is it difficult to train a bunny to use a litter box? What do I need to know before seriously considering this new pet? Any suggestions would be appreciated, along with any educational information provided
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Linda Lee A.

Linda Lee A.
6 years ago

Hello my name is Linda, I have 4 male rabbies. All have their own cages to live in.Two are mini lop ears,
and are litter box train. The out two are lionheads rabbies, and not litter box train. Some of them never get litter box train. So I think you sould adopted a mini lop rabbit. Please don't buy them adopted them, one maybe already litter train. People buy them for their kids and have them for 6 mos. to a year, and kids then don't take care of them. Then the perant gaves them up. So please consider adopting one.
Thank you for your time, Linda Austin

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