Rabbit Cold?

October 1, 2009 | By Jamie B. | 1 comment

My rabbit, Duke, has recently started sneezing. Its not constant all day but a few times a day. His ears are cold also. He's eating his pellets but not his hay like usual. He's also stopped using his litter box and goes on the other side of the cage. Do you think Duke has a cold or should I get him checked? He has no discharge from the nose or eyes.

Comments (1)

6 years ago

Maybe Duke has allergies. This time of year when the season changes, it affects animals and people. My Piggy has been sneezing too, and changed the side of the cage she goes to the bathroom on. I think she just wanted a change. Good luck w/Duke. I say give it a week more, then take him to his vet...even if yo just get a check up =)

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