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Hello! I'm fairly new to Zootoo and am hoping to meet many fellow cat lovers through this site. I live about an hour from Buffalo, but am still there fairly often (just recently moved).
I'm also still trying to be involved with the Ten Lives Club as much as I can.
Check out my profile to learn more about me and my cats.
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7 years ago

I am moving from a country house in St. Lawrence County to the City of Rochester. I am a cat lover but I can't keep my 2. I am looking for good homes for them. Does anyone know someone who could take in a cat or 2? One female shorthair named Millie and one male longhair named Nemo. Both are well trained, well loved and loving. Both are neutered and front claws are removed. I move in 2 weeks and really want them to go to good homes. HELP!

Carm  C.

Carm C.
7 years ago

HI Britta,
I'm Carm... Our breeder of our Maine Coon Cats is in Fredonia- an avid cat fancier was the President of Region 4 Cat Fancier's Association... Buffalo Cat Fanciers' Club...

I'm in Cheektowaga. I have 4 rescues and 4 Maine Coons...

I have worked with 10 Lives Club on and off with Maine Coon Rescue... she's called me when she had a cat who was a Maine Coon.

Anyway, I pleasure to know you... glad you posted! Welcome to Western New York... from me and my 8GR8CATS- Carm

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