Black Cat needs "forever home"

February 8, 2010 | By Wilson8 | 2 comments

We have a black cat that is at a foster home right now but the foster home care giver is in the hosptial and is very ill.
I am trying to find a forever home for this female black cat. She is very sweet. She has a very bad life before foster care and doesn't want to even go outside!
If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.
Comments (2)
Lori M.

Lori M.
6 years ago

OMG, please don't let the cat outside. People think cats should go outside, but they should NEVER go out! Lifespan for a cat that goes outside greatly reduces with illness, fighting, or getting hit by cars and sometimes even traps!
Please...Please don't try and let this cat out. There is no need for a cat to go outside.
I would love to help, but I hope you can find a forever home for this poor kitty....she deserves it.
Good luck.

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