March 2, 2009 | By Theresa M.

Until this past weekend, I was one of those people who buries their head in the sand. Everyone hears about neglected or abused animals, and feels better knowing there are rescues "out there" to help save these unfortunate animals. As long as someone else is taking care of things, we tend to kid ourselves that all is well.

In the real world, we know this isn't the case. Rescue facilities are over-run with neglected and abused animals and there is no end to the number of cases that keep surfacing.

This weekend I went to look at a horse that had been advertised a year ago and was still being advertised. What I found upon arriving at the property shocked and sickened me. The horse that I was led to believe was a 13 y/o quarter horse who was very quiet and suitable for a beginner rider, was emaciated, standing in mud, and her breathing was labored. I am sure these signs were just the outward manifestations of her lack of care and that her health issues were extensive. How does one walk away from that?

I cried the whole way home. My heart ached.
Abuse and neglect is real. I saw it first hand. I called the area's SPCA as well as two horse rescue facilities, one of which was Angel Acres.

Jo was wonderful, supportive and offered whatever help she could give. God Bless her!
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