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Hello, My name is Dawn Butler and I am a volunteer with Habitat for Horses. I was wondering if there was any way you could possible help us win the Million Dollar Shelter Makeover. We are in 16th place but there are so many shelters that have way more members than we have and we share the same interests and that is saving the horses of this world from pain, hunger and hatred. Please help us win the Million Dollar Makeover by joining our group and using Habitat for horses as your shelter and rescue with the zip code 77563! Hope to hear from you soon!
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m s.

m s.
6 years ago

Horses need all the help we can give--if you haven't done so, please choose HABITAT FOR HORSES as your rescue and shelter group in the SHELTER MAKEOVER CONTEST. Also, visit ASPCA.org -- click on the "Lobby for Animals" and read about Horse Slaughter Prevention Act waiting in Congress to be passed. It is important to let your reps in Congress know how you feel regarding this cruel business and how to stop it. You MUST write a letter. The ASPCA.org website has already prepared a letter, even if you do not know who your state representatives are, the ASPCA has a list of ALL of them, including YOUR reps. Sign this letter, and send it off. You'll be doing a great thing for horses and a great thing for getting rid of the criminal element, who abuse animals. The 2 bills that are waiting in Congress are (1) American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act S.311/H.R. 503 and (2) Anti-Cruelty Equine Act HR 6598.

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