We are all Winners in this Contest

April 18, 2009 | By R.T. F. | 2 comments

There is no doubt that the cards have been stacked against us, from the very beginning, but we all went into this with eyes wide open. Many, many, many people have spent untold hours sitting in front of their computers attempting to make this happen and from my perspective it "has" happened. HfH made it to the top twenty, how outstanding is that? Now AA has moved into the top 10, fantastic...and people are noticing. We have beaten the odds many times over even if AA does not make first place in the contest, we all have made first place in our hearts.

Think about this; the competition is comprised, mainly, of municipal dog/cat shelters. Almost all of them have the full backing of their local community which means not only the press, government but the entire populace, overall. Their backers measure in the tens of thousands, we don't have any such localized support. We are global, or on our way, and it is a tough feat trying to mobilize personnel scattered all over the internet. But we have beaten the odds and gotten all this way with our motley band of dedicated believers and supporters. We are a tough bunch and it shows. You just cannot beat a true horse rescuer into the dirt, we always get back up, maybe bruised and battered, but we stand to fight another day. And we continue to do so...there is no failure, here.

We have all gone through way too many wet saddle blankets on this ride to second guess ourselves, now. Look down at your boots covered with mud, blood and horse poop and draw strength from what you see...you are a horse rescuer, you have made a difference. There is nothing insignificant about what you do...and in knowing that, you have won...we all have!!

May the Force of the Horse be with all of us.


R.T. Fitch
Author - "Straight from the Horse's Heart"
The Force of the HorseĀ®, LLC

Comments (2)
John H.

John H.
6 years ago

You guys by no means failed. You have alot to be proud of. Besides, this turned out to be free publicity for all of us if you think about it!!

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