My pitbull puppy is starting to get aggressive.....?

June 9, 2009 | By Tricia L. | 2 comments

Sasha and paige

Hi everyone!! If you have any tips/ info for me it would be greatley appreciated!!
My fiance and I have a 6 month old Pitbull girl. She is tiny only weighs 28 lbs. The vet said she is healthy and not skinny or ne thing just small. We also have a 3 yr old male boxer he is huge.... (note: both of our dogs are altered)
Well The pitbull puppy and our boxer get along so good. They are always playing or cuddling. She is the sweetest lil puppy. However recentely she has started to get aggressive towards him only when there is food around or bones/treats. He is such a big baby that he just backs down to her. She did it last night with a bone and really really attacked him for it. I know that since she is so young that I need to correct this before she gets older. Does anyone have any ideas.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read!!!
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Jennifer H.

Jennifer H.
6 years ago

I use the technique that Victoria does in her show on Animal Planet "It's Me or The Dog". As soon as our female APBT starting showing aggression/possession with bones or food, I would say "EEEHHHH-EEEHHHH", "NO", clap, snap, or some other distracting noise. I also block her vision/fixation on whatever it is she is anxious about. It has really seemed to be working well. She is never aggressive towards me -- only towards her brother when it comes to bones. I also, when necessary, simply 'take over' control of the bone (Like Cesar Milan does) or I simply remove the bone, and give it back once she is calmed down.

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