Help Chance keep his home!

September 17, 2009 | By Nicole D. | 1 comment

Chance and his girl Patricia

As proud as I am to own such a wonderful misunderstood breed, the Marine Corps base Quantico where I live and just moved to has passed a bill stating that American Pit Bull Terriers and any type of mix of the breed, are banned and not allowed on base. I'm just trying to figure out what other breed he might be able to pass for so I can keep my boy. He's almost 10 months, and has never been registered to any base, or state. The only problem with finding another breed to fit his discription, is that he's a Red Nose.

Please help! My 3 year old is having a hard time giving up her dog, as we all are.
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Brandi O.

Brandi O.
6 years ago

i would say staffshire terrier or you can look at breeds on www.do.com to see what would look like her I had a pitt in denver and we called her a staffshire and we got a way with it good luck

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