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August 3, 2009 | By Anonymous

I LOVE photography, infact I want to be a famous photographer one day! I practice at home taking pictures of nature, animals, my siblings, family, and other cool stuff too. Here is a tip to get your dog or cat to look at the camera!

*first, you will need to have lots of treats to reward your dogs, catnip mabey for cats, toys, whatever they like

* bring your dog or cat in the area you want the picture to be taken (outside inside where ever)

*Get your camera set the way you want it: TIP: lighter colored pets should be done in the shade if outside so you can see their color. darker pets if outside in a sunny kind of place.

*your camera should be set to pets. Hold the treat in your hand (or whatever kind of toy/treat you have) tell your pets to "sit" show them the treat and walk back say "stay" squat down so you can be at their level. TIP: if you are inside and don't want red eye, turn your camera's flash off.

*while squating, hold the camera at their level so you can see them, make sure everything is adjusted right, hold the treat beside the camera and say something sweet to get their attention LOL it really works! Say it in a really high sweet voice, they like that :D

*Show them the treat and snap the photo really quick! call your pet to you and give him/her the treat! Praise them! It takes lots of work , practice, and patience! They'll get the hang of it soon enough!

-Please let me know if this is helpfull! I hope it is! Good luck!
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