African greys

November 24, 2008 | By katherine d. | 1 comment

Ive been trying to learn about afrian greys. In the future, perhaps far in the future (like 5-10 years) Id like to get a grey. Ive read several books on them so I have a good idea of the time and the challenge of owning one. I am a dog lover and have five dogs an da foster dog. All our calm and I think would be fine wiht a bird (though I know the bird and dogs would have to be kept seperate). I also have cats which I also know would have to be kept seperate from the bird. Im wondering if anyone can tell me what its like to live wiht an African grey and a dog or dogs. Do you ever let hte bird out when the dog is around? Do you keep the cage locked in a room that the dogs cant have access to or is the cage in the living room?
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7 years ago

Hi Katherine, I am owned by 2 African Greys, a Macaw and 3 Dogs. One large great dane, another large English Mastiff and a Bulldog. For some strange reason, the dogs totally respect my birds. I do have to watch when the birds are out and hanging low on their cage that if one of the dogs walks by, the bird might try and bite them. You would think it would be the other way around, huh? LOL
I do have a bird room but the dogs can go in there whenever they want. If the birds are out of their cage, they always stay on their own cages or playstands.
Dogs and birds (in my opinion) get along just fine!

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