Greyhounds and allergies

March 4, 2009 | By Terzah | 1 comment

I grew up with greyhounds and whippets and want to get a grey. But I'm concerned about my husband who has mild allergies to dogs--his allergies are worse with some breeds than others. We housesat at Thanksgiving for a family with two whippets and he had no problem there. But we've never spent an extended time like that in a house with a greyhound. Any experience with greyhounds and allergies out there? Any hope?
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6 years ago

Hi There,
I think a good idea is to go to a meet and greet and hang around the dogs for a while.You can inquire with them about fostering. Let the organization that you would foster for be aware of the health situation and see if they will let you foster. This way you won't be obligated to keep the dog and then feel bad if you had to give it up.If it all works out, presto ! You'll be getting that greyound you wanted. Good Luck !

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