Huksy Case (Orlando - 2 shot dogs) Update! FELONY Charges Filed

January 8, 2009 | By phill C. | 2 comments

Hoochie and Raley

Hello Everyone,

I have a big announcement! We all remember the 2 husky dogs that were shot in Orlando in May of 2008. Originally, Orange County Sheriff closed the case, and the shooter, Christopher Comins, was going to walk away with his crimes, despite the fact that the shooting was caught on video. However, after we made a couple of phone calls to OCS and contacted the owner of the dogs, Chris Butler (special thanks to Nick Stack!), the case was re-opened with OCS.

Initially, the case received a tremendous amount of attention from the media. We started a petition, a letter writing campaign, and we held a rally in Orlando for Hoochie and Raley. Many people made phone calls and wrote letters supporting felony charges, including the Siberian Husky Rescue of Florida and the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF). I sent a certified letter to State Attorney Lawson Lamar early on in the case to inform him of our petition and to remind him that the shooting of the dogs was a felony under Florida Statutes.

Now for the big news.....Christopher Comins was formally charged by the State Attorney's Office with 2 counts of FELONY animal cruelty. The man who was going to completely walk away with his crimes is going to trial on March 16th! Charges were filed over a month ago, but the State Attorney never informed the husky owner or his attorney, so we just informed them about this development as well. Special thanks to Denise Brooker for taking the time to check-up on this case and letting us know that charges were filed.

Thank you to everyone that helped make this happen. Keep in mind that the fight is not over yet. We will keep up-to-date on this case and be out there peacefully at trial to support Justice for Hoochie & Raley!

We are Making a Difference! Our Voices are Being Heard!

Holly Gann
"Voices for Ella"

Comments (2)
Stephanie D.

Stephanie D.
7 years ago

That is great news. I saw the video on youtube and he was not protecting his farm animals. He did not try to scare them away. He deliberately shot them and at point blank range repeatedly. I hope this gun-toting red neck learns a lesson. I also hope the dogs have recovered from their wounds.

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