BSL affects home insurance!!

March 8, 2009 | By phill C. | 5 comments

From one of our adopters

I just got dropped from my homeowners insurance and another policy due to my dog’s breed.
The state came out with a new list of dogs not insured on policies. It is 12 of them. Pit Bulls, Akitas, Dobermans, Huskies – Siberian, Alaskan Malamute, Presa Canarios, German Shepherds, and a few others.
They told me to either get rid of the dog or no insurance. I told them that was not an option.
I got rid of the insurance. I could go from an HO6 plan to a DP2 plan and a price increase or do a joint plan (multi-peril )with citizens for windstorm and homeowner’s insurance.

Just so people know there are options. Many insurance carriers can find the plan that will work. They can chose a multi-peril plan that does not discriminate against animals
Comments (5)
Tonya M.

Tonya M.
5 years ago

I live near Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and they just added Huskies to the breeds not allowed on base! I am outraged! Ridiculous that some officer is ignorant to breed traits and thinks Huskies are a dangerous breed. There needs to be a vet or national dog club to educate these idiots that just add breeds to the dangerous breed list without researching....

Jeff K.

Jeff K.
6 years ago

omg this is crazy! This is really getting out of hand! Its time the descrimination stops. I have never heard of Huskys falling into this catagory, I have heard the akitas being labeled this way. What a bunch of hog wash!!!!!

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