feeding your ragdoll

November 19, 2008 | By Mary Lee B. | 2 comments

Brady waiting for his p.m. treat

How often do you feed your ragdolls? My very first ragdoll ever--Brady--is now 6 months old, and he free-feeds along with my 12-year-old black domestic housecat, Cody. Never having had ragdolls before, I'm not sure whether Brady is overweight! He certainly is rounder in appearance than Cody and already weighs at least 2 pounds more than him (Cody is small, weighing only 7 pounds). Any advice?
Comments (2)
barbara m.

barbara m.
7 years ago

He sounds fine. My ragdoll has never eaten too much food - free feeding seems to work well for him and his tabby brother. He grazes only when hungry.

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