January 14, 2009 | By Brenda H.

give it to me now... please

I am the proud to say my 2 Pom girls own me. Pepperment Paddie was a rescue Already pregnent at 8 mo. I am so glad I got her in time she had two pups by c-section she wouldn't have made it other wise one pup was 6 oz the other 4 she was all of five pounds 11 oz with 10 oz of pups in her They both found good home close by and I get to see them often.Potty training is iffy with her she spent the first 8 mo in a crate in a basement But if I keep on top of letting her out she is fine. unless it is -20 out side like now here in northwestern WI
Otherwise she has been healthy and her teeth are fine we are lucky More about my other girl Cupcake another time

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