Two beautiful pitbulls need help

January 16, 2010 | By Kaytee | 2 comments

Choco & Dymond

If anyone knows someone who can rescue two pitbulls here is their story .
I received an email from Petfinder and I am trying to get the word about about this two beautiful pitbulls.

I am in desperate straits , trying to rescue my siter's dog ( s ). She recently forclosed on her home in Va. and surrendered her pit bulls to the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter. Dymond is the blue ( all gray ) female, not spade almost 3yrs. old now, crate trained, I thought my sister even had "papers" on her lineage.
Choco is black and white neutered male almost 4yrs. old now, crate trained and had formal obedience training and likes to ride in the car.
All the times I visited ( even unsupervised by the owners-my sister's family ) they seemed so sweet, and submissive.

I pray you know someone that can help rescue them or place them in a no kill rescue ( assuming Dymond was not already euthanized this morning as I was told ). If you could forward this to anyone you may think would be of help or has contacts that can help.Thank you kindly for your efforts in advance!
P.S. If you know of someone even out of state that can take them in, I will try to arrange transportation of the dogs if needed and/or help with the cost of fostering them....I'm just trying to save them at this point since I knew them personally and they are good dogs.


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Comments (2)

5 years ago

This is an email from someone on Petfinder that I received. I do not know this person. They sent this to me to get the word out about this two pitbulls. I agree. I do not understand why a friend or someone close to this person did not take them in. I know here in NC they do not even give pitbulls a chance to be adopted out. Our animal control , puts pitbulls down as soon as they show up. Which I think is horrible, because they are such a beautiful breed. I had a hard time reading this email & story that was forwarded to me. The person from Petfinder was hopiing I could give them a home. But I have three dogs already. So I was just trying to help this person out.

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