Still looking for a home, one year later

June 30, 2009 | By katie f. | 4 comments


Hello! I am a kennel attendant at a pitbull-loving dog shelter, the humane society of binghamton, New York. We have had many of the breed in and out of our shelter. We keep the dogs as long as it takes to find them a home, with some taking much longer than others. July 2nd of last year a pitt-mix came in with three puppies, part of a cruelty case. Every bone in her body jutted out -she was a sad sight. The puppies were fat and happy, I'm sure their mother gave everything she had to keep those puppies happy. The shelter manager named the mother after me, and the puppies after my male-coworkers.

After a strict feeding routine and much love, Caitlyn is now a sleek, beautiful dog again, as she was meant to be. In the last year she has only had two applications put in on her, one backed out, and the other is still pending as their dog and Caitlyn weren't 100% friends upon meeting. The back out was very recent, this past week, and all of us at the shelter are very upset.
So here is the lovely dog, who loves giving kisses, walks good with a harness, great with kids and most other animals, housebroken, past those destructive puppy years.. and nobody wants her?! ::sigh::
I'm positive if she was a lab, golden, beagle, etc. etc, she would have been adopted within the first month. It's rough dealing with pitbulls, not because their bad dogs, oh no! Because of all the misconceptions of the breed.
I hope someone sees the amazing sweet dog I see sometime soon!
If you or anyone you know would be interested in Caitlyn, please visit her petfinder page:
and contact the Binghamton Humane Society ASAP =)
We also have many other good dogs and cats, some are listed on the petfinder site also, but some are not.
Shelter dogs are the best dogs...
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katie f.

katie f.
6 years ago

thanks for your comments. I have exciting news! This past week I did a record 5 adoptions - 1 of which was an intimidating -but very sweet- doberman, and one was Caitlyn!! She went to a wonderful home with three young boys and their loving parents. The father had a pitt mix before and loves the breed. I am glad to say I very much approve of this home for her and know that we wont be seeing her in one of our cages again
I hope that Tipper finds a home soon too.

Someday I hope that pitbulls will be off the bad breed list most people seem to have in their heads.

Sally B.

Sally B.
6 years ago

Awwwwww. So very sad. I hope she gets that loving home she so desperately needs and deserves.

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