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A boy and his dog

One of Titan's vertebrae is pressing on his spine causing him to not be able to walk. I have 2 options: A very expensive specialty surgery or putting him to sleep. He isn't "like" one of my children. He IS one of my chldren. He isn't even 2 years old yet and I can't fathom losing him. I had to make a choice between being prideful and keeping my dog alive so I am swallowing my pride and asking for donations to get Titan the surgery he needs. He is a guard dog when needed but loves any person or animal I allow into my home, Titan even babysat a tiny duckling I found abandoned at the park. He stands patiently while my 4 year old son plays Hotwheels along his back and stands guard while my 9 year old daughter does her homework on a blanket in the front yard. He is the epitomy of the "Gentle Giant" And he even loves the mailman. Titan gives Pitbulls a good name. With a new mortgage on my first home, 4 kids( 2 of them two~legged and 2 of them four~legged) and Christmas coming fast, my resources have been tapped down to the penny. Every little bit helps, so please help me keep my big Meatball with our family.

Thank You,

Please send donations to:
Attn: Lesley Curry
40951 Grimmer Blvd.
Fremont, Ca. 94538
Updates and photos will be posted.
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6 years ago

What an absolute beauty!!! I totally sympathize with you however I am in the same boat as you...new Mortgage and all... and of course Christmas too.
I love my pets as my own and would do anything that I possibly could for them.
Don't be discouraged though some vets are willing to work out a payment plan or will even accept a post dated check for a later date.
God Bless and I will keep him in my thought and prayers. Please keep us posted.

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