Pitbulls for Adoption

October 6, 2009 | By katie f. | 1 comment

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Taurus, one of 6 puppies available

I have posted here before about pit bulls at my work, the binghamton humane society. We are falling under hard times as is everyone else with the economy the way it is. It will be hard for us to make ends meet this year. Most of our shelter dogs currently (as usual) are pitt mixes and no matter how many people we see walk through our doors, I'd say 24/25 of them look the other way when it comes to the eager,hopeful faces of those dogs looking for someone to love them.
Please keep passing the word about your own happy pit bull stories to everyone you can, and share your own dogs' love with whoever they meet. I've had my face licked clean by many an adoring, devoted pitt, and I try to share and explain that love to everyone I can educate to try to get my friends adopted.

Here is the link to my work/local humane society on petfinder, if you're in the area or know someone who is looking for a new love in their life please pass this on:

We also have 6 pitt/rottie puppies currently who are loving little dolls, but are difficult to place because no matter how cute they are, the public only sees those breeds and walks quickly away. My shown photo for this posting is one of them, Taurus.

Keep up the good work everyone! :)
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Rachel G.

Rachel G.
6 years ago

You should start a bully program promoting the bullies. Ask a local radio station if you can bring an animal (doesn't have to be strictly bullies) to the station and talk about your shelter and that weeks animal that's on the show. It's a good way to promote your shelter to the public and let them know each week about a new animal up for adoption. Have pictures of bullies with their people up around the shelter with one sentence "eye grabbers" describing that dog (loves to swim, or big cuddler). Also finding pictures of working bullies and post those around to show people they excell in other sports and jobs, ie agility, flybsll, or search and rescue. Have a binder for people to look at with things like "how to rent with a bully breed" and "real facts". Hope this helps. You might want to look up the Butte Humane Society in Chico CA. They have a thriving bully program and lots of knowledge. They may be able to help you with ideas for a program.

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