Phase 2 of the Zootoo Shelter Makeover Contest

March 19, 2009 | By John H.

Although we do not know if LHS will be named one of the top 10, we feel we have a great chance!! If you feel you can help out, please
get back to me and let me know exactly how you think you can can help the cause. For example if you have contacts in a newspaper, school, radio station, tv station, have a large network of friends or simply work for a large company that would be willing to assist in getting the word out. Be creative!! I have
already gotten a response from someone who knows the store manager at Target.

We are an open admissions shelter that has a dog population of predominately Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes. We would love to have better facilities to care for all of the animals that are taken in.

We also have a wonderful bully breed program. Information can be found here:

Either myself, or another representative from LHS will contact you with any
further details.


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