Montcalm Animal Shelter

March 4, 2009 | By Melissa H. | 2 comments

Bugsy a Montcalm dog looking for a home

Not sure if anyone is familiar with the story or not but in Montcalm County MI they give the dogs away for FREE to a Class B Dealer who turns and sells them for about $300 each to research labratories.
They like to take large chest cavity dogs like labs, pits, retrievers...so if you are concerned or want to know what you can do to help go to our sites to learn more
We also raise funds and are in need of donations, fosters, rescues, transporters, etc. Please join the fight against pound seizure.
to be added to the mailing list email goingtothedogsmail@yahoo.com
Comments (2)
Bart O.

Bart O.
6 years ago

This is sad, and sick.

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