Largest Undercover Dog Sting in US History.

November 14, 2008 | By Chatalie | 5 comments

Today in Houston, there was a big sting of a dog fighting ring. “It’s the largest undercover dogfighting operation in the country,” said Assistant Harris Co. D.A. Belinda Smith. “And nothing like this has ever been done in Houston, or in Texas.”
This was a very large dog fighting ring with fights ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. I am not sure what the fate of the dogs will be, very likely put down. Perhaps puppies will be adopted.
The police has also indicated that this is the first of many large raids to come. This is a victory for the pit bull lovers everywhere.
The link to the story is below and there is also video.
Comments (5)

6 years ago

You can always go to www.ceasarmilan.com and ask for his help.He saved Vicks dogs. These people should be put in a room with the dogs they abuse -1 person per group of dogs!! Id say that was justice!! Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. when I was in vet.sci. we hand to handle them- a mother and a couple of her 1 yr pups. They were so sweet!! The media needs to come forth and undo the damage they did!!

Nicole M.

Nicole M.
7 years ago

I hope they do not euthanize any of these dogs. It would be much easier to rehabilitate the dogs than it would be to rehabiliate those like Michael Vick, who trained the dogs to fight. I hope more news come out on how we can help those animals get adopted and/or reformed. It would be great to show how pit bulls are not vicious by nature, but by training.

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