Few question for current pittie owners

July 17, 2008 | By Debbie K. | 8 comments

I have a few questions for those current pit bull owners.

I have fell in love with the Pit Bull breed a few years ago, despite the bad rep they seem to be getting in my area.
My fiance also loves the breed, and we were thinking about sometime in the future adopting two pits, one male and one female. I have done so much research, my friends and family call me the walking pit bull encyclopedia, but many of the website strongly advise against having multiple pit bulls in one household.

Now I wanted to ask you owners who have more than one pit, or even if you have just one, how does your dog react around the others? Should I heed the warning and only adopt one, or is their some advice you can give me?
And I know they are gentle around children when both are taught how to handle the other correctly, so for future reference (since we aren't planning on even thinking about having children for another couple of years), how should I introduce the dogs and babies to each other.

Thank you to anyone who may answer these questions, and feel free to add any other advice you might think I would need.
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Christi  M.

Christi M.
7 years ago

I have had 2 pits, the male pit I had until he passed away at the age of 13, he was very easy to train, he was not very aggressive, liked people, was easily voice commanded, but he could only be around other female dogs, and SOME male dogs. I did rescue a female pit puppy, and I could see early on from a puppy that she was much more aggressive, and stubborn. Since I could see those tendencies, I started her in obedience classes, and doggie daycare immediately. That has helped keep her socialized with other dogs and people. I will say she loves children. There is certainly a responsibility that comes with pit ownership, it is well worth it!!! They are loving, loyal dogs.


7 years ago

Mine's only half pit but he was abused and neglected before we got him and my other dog is a Malamute/Husky mix and female. She's in charge but they get along great. They're a year apart and she was just a baby when we got her and he's always been great with her. We also have a house full of animals and he's always been great with all of them. A friend of mine has 5 pits, 3 male 2 female, and they all get along great. They do run the house like maniacs but they all get along.

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