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November 26, 2008 | By Nelson M. | 10 comments

He is nameless... like many bullies cursed with bad luck...

I am going to a home today and taking their dog (they agreed). I would have animal control do it but the abusive people would take it out on my niece (an acquaintance of theirs) and the last thing that my niece needs is having the police or animal control go there. I just wish that my niece had better "acquaintances."

It's a long story, but I have to protect my "ghetto cool" niece and this wonderful pit bull.

The dog, a sweet brown and white pit bull, loves kids but is starving and has been beaten. They said that they would give me the dog when my niece threatened to "have my uncle take him." I'm the uncle and my niece told me stories that have kept me up.

The dog is so hungry that it ate Twizzlers that had been left on a table, so he was beaten and locked in a small room.

My niece asked what they feed him and their answer was "whatever is available" ... a can of Spam that they had in the cupboard, chicken bones, and scraps according to my niece. Also, the dog eats every couple of days.

They have been trying to sell him and I can't let this dog end up being bait for some lowlife, so I am on my way.

I will keep you posted. I may be bringing him to a shelter today, a much better situation than starvation and fending for himself in a very tough neighborhood if they just release him.

I would foster him, but I have a full house. If I can get rid of one of my fosters I would take him in but I am already "over capacity" and the tenants are complaining.

If anyone in the NJ, NYC, PA area can take him into foster and help him heal, you will save a wonderful dog that really deserves a chance. You won't be disappointed.

The photo is fuzzy from my niece's camera phone. In the photo an innocent child in a rotten family hugs a pit bull... sad really... both of them victims without really knowing.

I just hope this isn't a final memory lost with the thousands of fuzzy images of dogs without names or loving owners.
Comments (10)
Karl M.

Karl M.
7 years ago

Any news? I (and I'm sure others) are eager to find out what happened.

Lucy B.

Lucy B.
7 years ago

good luck and thank you for being an angel to the dog. I wish you and the dog lots of good thoughts

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