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July 16, 2008 | By Melissa and Bossie F. | 6 comments

So I apparently live in an area where people dont know about zootoo. I love this site though. Memphis is my first puppy and I dont know much about them. I treat him as if he were a human. The only thing I dont do is give him table food. How do all of you treat your pits.
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Christi  M.

Christi M.
6 years ago

I totally agree with these posts, the first pit, I had was not aggressive at all, after he passed away at 13, I did get a female pit puppy, she is MUCH more aggressive, stubborn, strong willed. I make her sit and wait for everything! I have had her in beginners and advanced obedience classes, she goes to doggie daycare, for her excessive energy and to socialize her. And I also NEVER allow aggression, anytime, anywhere. We will not play rough with my female pit either. I do love mine like children as well, but I have had to realize how important it is not to be too excessive with certain things.


7 years ago

I treat my pit bull like a dog; he isn't a human. Unfortunately people tend to have trouble with dogs when they treat them like humans. I make sure all of his needs are met (exercise, treats, toys), I train him, and I give him lots of love and affection (but I don't allow him to demand affection). I occasionally give him table scraps when I'm feeling generous but he does have a sensitive stomach and gets diarrhea easily. Its important to make sure your pup is well socialized because if not they can have animal aggression. Its also important that you train your dog to obey commands, heel, sit, stay, come, down, for example. They are great dogs but are extremely physically strong despite their size it is important for you to be able to control him. Teaching a pit bull the heel command is essential. Good luck

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