Help stop using dogs as shark bait!

January 27, 2009 | By Mary B. | 2 comments

Please Help!!

I was reading someones journal about this and I wanted to make it known ... Please please read!!

Dogs Used as Shark Bait on French Island
By Maryann Mott
National Geographic News
October 19, 2005
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Live and dead dogs and cats are being used as shark bait by on the French-controlled island of RĂ©union, according to animal-welfare organizations and local authorities.The small island off Africa's coast is bursting with stray dogs upward of 150000, says Reha Hutin, president of the Paris-based Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis.Hutin sent a film crew to RĂ©union this summer to obtain proof that live animals were being used as shark bait. The goal was to expose the practice on the animal rights group's weekly television show.It didn't take long for the film crew to find three separate cases.A videotape and photographs show the dogs with multiple hooks sunk deep into their paws and snouts. "From then on everyone started to take the whole story seriously and realized it was true," Hutin said.

I couldn't fit everything on here so ...
Please read the rest of this on my page. It's on my picklist! Please sign the petition!!!
Comments (2)
Nick & Ashlee K.

Nick & Ashlee K.
6 years ago

oh no!!!
i hope some one will catch on to this soon!

Diane W.

Diane W.
7 years ago

It never fails to amaze me on how cruel people can be. The terror the animals must feel would be over whelming. It just breaks my heart.

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