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June 28, 2008 | By ChicoanVolunteer | 10 comments


Did you know that Goldens are prone to Lymphoma? Cancer of the Lymph Nodes? I didn't. I just thought I'd ask if you guys did.
My Golden, Holly died of Lymphoma.

I think you should know some common illnesses that your breed of dog is prone to. It would be...a, comfort, I suppose, knowing just for the sake of knowing. That way you could have it in the back of your mind, just in case they start displaying symptoms.
When Holly started being less exited to go for walks, and wouldn't run when we took her, it was a sign of Lymphoma. But we didn't know. If we had, it might have made a difference in her life.
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Miranda S.

Miranda S.
6 years ago

I knew that large dogs are more prone to cancer than small dog breeds. I never really looked into what types or anything however.

Goldens are also prone to have allergies. We had our golden tested about 3 years ago after we adopted him and have had to make a total change to his diet and treats. Something to consider looking into if you don't understand why you golden is itching all of the time & you know they don't have flees.


7 years ago

actually i did not know that, that is good to know in case my golden shows any signs of this illness, thanks. i also agree that it is important to recognizt the diseases and illnesses common to your dogs breed

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