Hello fellow GS fans

March 3, 2010 | By Anonymous

There's a local german shepherd rescue- GSR in Burbank, CA that needs help. I am putting out an SOS to all of you and hope that some of you will join me in helping them. They have been in operation for years, do adoptions every weekend and have two locations- Burbank, Tehachapi. Plans were in motion to close the Burbank due to lack of funds but in April, there was a fire at Tehachapi location- building burned down, 5 dogs injured, 2 had to be euthanized after weeks of expensive surgery and medicines. They are struggling to rebuild. The latest is that they have rescued a young shepherd, Jackie from a shelter since she had been hit by a car, her femur shattered and was going to be euthanized. GSR needs money for the $2000 surgery. If any of us can help with anything- whether it be items like towels, food, toys, etc or if you'd like to send gift cards or money for the surgery, go to www.gsrescue.org. They would really be thrilled for any assistance. I thank you!
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