So You Want to Get a Duck

August 22, 2008 | By Anonymous | 1 comment

It is probably around Easter time, and you see those cute, fuzzy little ducklings. Or, maybe someone already gave you one. You want to keep the cute little critter. Let me dispel a few myths for starters:

* Ducks make great pets: True.
* Ducks are stupid: False.
* Ducks can be trained: True. It takes a bit of patience, but they can be trained to follow a routine, and they can learn to understand quite a number of commands.
* Ducks are easy to care for: True and False. If you have the right setup, it's easy. If not, you are in trouble.

If your duck is small, he or she (you won't be able to determine the gender until your animal is much older) will attach to you, the primary care taker in a simple relationship. You will substitute as mother, sibling, and lover through the animal's lifetime. The animal will love you, trust you, and, if a male, bite you for love and bite you to establish dominance. You will learn to wear boots, laugh at blue spots on your arms, and love the feeling of feathers in your arms. Females are a bit gentler.

I strongly recommend that you get THIS BOOK:

Raising Ducks & Geese by John M. Vivian
Story Publishing Bulletin A-18
Available through Amazon and costs about 4 dollars.

Note that this is oriented towards raising ducks for food, however, the information is valuable, and the only book I ever found on keeping ducks.

SOURCE: www.turtlecare.net/duck.htm
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6 years ago

I'm a huge animal fan. I joined this Duck group because I love Ducks and I want one soooo bad. Do You?

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