How to care for and beed baby ducks (part 2)

August 25, 2008 | By Anonymous

3. The third element is the heat source.
* The best heat source is a heat lamp with an infrared bulb. Regular light bulbs will not work as well because they do not put out enough heat. Choosing the best set up will depend on the amount of ducklings you have.
- A 4 bulb, 250 watt brooder lamp will warm 100 to 150 ducklings.
- A 1 bulb, 250 watt brooder lamp will warm 30 ducklings.
- A 1 bulb, 50 watt reflector bulb will warm a few ducklings.
* Temperature is measured from under the center of the light, at duckling level.
* For the first 10 days the ducklings are in the brooding area, the temperature should remain at 98F. The temperature is then decreased 5F each week by raising the lamp. This decrease continues until the temperature reaches 70F, usually at 6 weeks.
* Be sure to place the lamp beyond possible contact with ducklings, and you may want to place it in such a way that the ducklings can escape the heat if desired.
* Monitor their behavior as a guide for your heat usage. If the ducklings find the temperature to be good, they will move around, eat and drink. If they are too hot, they will travel away from the heat and if they are too cold, they will bunch up together and are noisy.

4. The fourth element needed to raise ducklings is feed.
* When feeding your ducklings use unmedicated chick starter or duck starter.
* Baby ducks can also be given fruits and vegetable, but chopped really fine as baby ducks do not have teeth.
* They also enjoy small insects and worms.
* DO NOT FEED them whole grains, onions, dry bread, wild birdseed or caged birdseed.

5. The fifth and final element needed is water.
* When watering make sure the level of the water is kept at ΒΌ" deep so the baby ducks will not drown in it.
* The best type of waterer is the one that has a jar that sits in the middle of it, automatically dispensing water into the surrounding circular moat as needed.

Raising ducklings can be an enjoyable experience and is not very hard if these few elements are supplied. Each one of them is very important and should never be left out.

By Deborah Anderson
SOUCE: www.howtodothings.com/pets-and-animals/a3229-how-to-care-for-and-feed-baby-ducks.html
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