Twistep, its been redesigned and is available soon!!

March 12, 2010 | By Nick H. | 1 comment

I wanted to make everyone aware of a product redesign we are launching in the late Spring or Early Summer. The product is called Twistep. You can check it out online at www.twistep.com as there is more information on the product there.

This product was on the market a few years back and over the last year or so we have completely redesigned the product from the ground up and will be re-introducing it later this year. Updates to the product will be include lighter more durable materials along with greater adjustability so it will fit more vehicles.

We receive calls from customers and end users on a daily basis asking when and where this product can be found. As soon as we have a hard date on availability I will be sure and let you know. Just wanted to give you heads up on another great product that is ideal for anyone with a SUV and medium to large dog. My yellow lab loves it!!

Take a look at the website www.twistep.com and let me know what you think!! All feedback is appreciated.
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5 years ago

that's a neat product. i don't know about putting a dog into the back of a truck, but it's nice for other vehicles.

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