pitbull questions- answers greatly appreciated!!

June 10, 2009 | By Tricia L. | 8 comments

Sasha and Cooper

If you have any tips/ info for me it would be greatley appreciated!!
My fiance and I have a 6 month old Pitbull girl. She is tiny only weighs 28 lbs. The vet said she is healthy and not skinny or ne thing just small. We also have a 3 yr old male boxer he is huge.... (note: both of our dogs are altered)
Well The pitbull puppy and our boxer get along so good. They are always playing or cuddling. She is the sweetest lil puppy. However recentely she has started to get aggressive towards him only when there is bones/treats involved. He is such a big baby that he just backs down to her. She did it last night with a bone and really really attacked him for it. I know that since she is so young that I need to correct this before she gets older. Does anyone have any ideas.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read!!!
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5 years ago

I am a pit bull lover and used to breed them. First of all, NEVER hit her around the head. Pits can get aggressive especially if they are deaf and don't see it coming, as well as becoming head shy.

Get a newspaper (rolled losely) tape one end of it. Then, put her on the leash. I am hoping/assuming she has some basic obedience training. Make her go into a down position, place the treat 2-4 feet in front of her and develop a sign (i would suggest a flat hand in front of her face like a stop sign) for a "Stay" or "leave it" command. Work with her individually for 30 days or so gradually increasing the time between the Leave it and giving the treat to her. Until then always crate her when your other baby has treats. Once she gets the hang of that, then start doing the leash, give your other baby treat on other side of room and tell her to leave it, if she tries to take it or growls, make her lay on her side. If you have any questions you may email me tigress_142@yahoo.com


6 years ago

our dogs do that too, when our dogs playwith bones we put them in another room.
and when you feed them treats don't just throw them on the floor (like i do LOL.) hand them individually.

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