My dog is too relaxed

September 21, 2010 | By Sydandnicksmom

Tags: excited dog, dog kisses, mellow dog

Okay, I know dogs are supposed to jump up and down and smother you with lots of kisses when you come home, but my dog is not quite like that. She wanders out to me and lies down on her side so I can pet her. The only time she's gotten really excited when I came home is when I was gone for a week. Oh well! She's a little too relaxed when someone comes to the door too. She either doesn't bother to say anything or she may let out one little woof. That's it. "Woof" She rarely barks and she doesn't get excited over much of anything - maybe squirrels and bunnies, that's about it! So, you lucky people that are welcomed by a super excited dog when you come home, be grateful!
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