January 14, 2009 | By Rich R. | 2 comments

"Better wih you There"

We have made our song for dog lovers "Better with you There" available for all of you to hear at NO COST by going to
note: put it together
If you take a moment to read the info under "About Better with you There" you shall see that ours is an effort to help.
Comments (2)
Rosemary  M.

Rosemary M.
7 years ago

Richard R sent me a link to his song awhile back on a day I was really missing my old dog.I think it was snowing and I remembered how much he liked playing in the snow. It was such a nice gesture--what nice people are on zootoo.

Lucy B.

Lucy B.
7 years ago

thanks for sharing a great song with us. It sure reminds me of my guys that have gone to the bridge and I also reminds of the dogs that lived their lives at our kennel and passed on.

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