Doggy Decisions

February 24, 2010 | By Mika P. | 10 comments

I'm thinking of getting a new dog since mine is passing his "Golden Years" and entering his "Old Years" which dog should I get??? Which one makes the best family pet???
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4 years ago

I would say any small dog,because they tend to live longer,and they are easier to feed,bathe,and walk.Also,as long as you walk your dog at least once a week and feed it a good food it can live to be 16 years old or more.And a site i found pretty helpfull was www.pets527.com.webs.com/ it has information on how to keep your dog healthy and other stuff like that.Good luck :)

Justin   .

Justin .
5 years ago

Australian Shepperd. Easy to take care of and good with kids.

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