Article about bloat, pack leadership, balance and human-K9 bond

July 11, 2009 | By ShaktiShiloh

This article was born of life experiences. The experiences affected the whole "pack" and, of course, Shakti in particular. I put all my memories, experiences, insights and thoughts on paper in hopes that the article would help other dog owners and their dogs to lead happy, balanced, positive lives...

This article describes a bloat incident, the owners' response, veterinary treatment and Shakti's recovery. It emphasizes the benefits derived in a crisis situation when the owner acts as pack leader, and shows how prior training of the dog helped in the recovery process. The article includes a summary of the common symptoms of bloat, as well as a diary chronicling the bloat incident from onset through complete recovery.

It's a story about how a strong a human-canine bond can foster healing and create a positive outcome that restores balance in the face of difficulties, hardships and suffering.

I really hope that you'll enjoy the read...Please feel free to share the link with anybody that you think might benefit from reading this article.

With Love,

Lexi Hayden (Shakti's owner, pack leader, trainer and proud IACP Member)

Link to the page with the article: (add www. )


PS. The article is published digitally in an online library that's environmentally friendly. :) It's in a Flash format.
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