adding a puppy to my dachshund's house

June 27, 2009 | By Ksapp745 | 1 comment


I have had a mini dachshund named "Kitty" for a year and a half. She will be two in August. She has always been a bashful and melancholy dog. She is sweet sweet sweet, does not bark, and will go hide if you praise her too much.
I recently ended up with a chihuahia/doxie mix named "Rocky". He is a spaz. The dogs play well together and have loads of fun. They sleep on top of each other, and Kitty seeks him out as often as he looks for her. She seems a lot happier, and less lonely.
But - Kitty has had some behavior changes and seems to be pouting. If Rocky jumps in my lap, she will very often get up and leave the room. I have neighbors that Kitty used to visit every day. Now, as soon as Rocky runs to their house, she will come home and sit on the porch like a kid who is sulking about not being invited. She used to play with balls and sticks in the yard and has no interest in them at all now. It is as if she got old overnight.
Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to make this transition easier for her? I make a point of spending time just with her every day, but the pouting is killing me!!!

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