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Faye S.

Posted on October 7, 2008 | 12

Hello! Does anyone know of a chew toy that actually won't fall apart after 10 minutes? Right now I have 3 Kong toys for my dog and she loves them, but I'd like to get her something a little different. Anytime I try something new, it lasts such a sh… more ›
Melissa S.

Posted on September 23, 2008 | 5

Hello, I just wanted to say that I new to this site. I adopted my little angel Superman from the Humane Society of Greater Miami and I could not have asked for a better dog. Never Buy ALWAYS ADOPT.

Posted on September 20, 2008 | 11

Hey everyone! I took your advise and went to a new vet with Happy. He's a 5 month old beagale for those of you who don't know. My new vet has 3 scales in his office: puppy scale, big dog scale, and a cat scale. Because Happy is a puppy we put him on… more ›
Rebecca S.

Posted on September 17, 2008 | 2

Need to know i just uploaded photos
Rebecca S.

Posted on September 16, 2008 | 4

What do you know about rottweilers from them being aggressive to pulling carts and obeidence?

Posted on September 15, 2008 | 10

I love my Happy no matter what my friends say. They tell me he's really fat, but i didn';t think so. Now I think he's packing on a few lbs. how can i tell if he is fat without going to the vet?
Rebecca S.

Posted on September 15, 2008 | 6

I like to cart train do you? Tell me what you know and I'll tell you what I know.

Posted on September 11, 2008 | 7

I have a 3 year old English Setter. He is usually a good boy. He gets 2 walks a day, once in the morning, once in the evening. Recently he has started relieving himself in the house while we are at work. Any help would be much appreciated.

Posted on September 10, 2008

Need a cute furry puppy fix? this is Puppy Week at my blog Dogaholics! Surf over and see the puppies, they be bad, they be good, but they are always cute! Tell me about your puppy while you are there! blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/dogaholicsmore ›
Kate H.

Posted on September 7, 2008 | 2

How To Train Your Dog To Stop Chewing In all likelihood, the new puppy in the house will be the cutest thing you've laid eyes on until he chews up your favorite shoe. Unfortunately, a puppy chewing on something is a natural part of it's growing up a… more ›
Valerie P.

Posted on August 20, 2008 | 5

Does anyone have any tricks or tips they can share on training stubborn dogs? Our shih tzu will sit sometimes, if he feels like it (and if he thinks you have a treat for him), and other times, he just stares at me like, "yeah right." I know I'm missi… more ›
Cassaundra B.

Posted on August 19, 2008 | 25

I have a basset hound and mix. I love both of them a bunch, what kinds of dogs do you have? What kind would you like to have?
Valerie P.

Posted on August 12, 2008 | 18

Any advice on brushing dogs' teeth from anyone? Is it ok to use the same toothbrush for 3 dogs? Thanks to anyone that can help!

Posted on August 7, 2008 | 4

Hi! Just wanted to say hi. I recently joined zootoo, and I entered the funny pet video contest thing. If you want to see the video, and possibly vote for it, click the link: www.zootoo.com/zootootv/v/stuck2 Hopefully I'll be able to figure … more ›
Alexis G.

Posted on August 3, 2008 | 3

I LOVE MY BABIES...maybe more than my spouse???!!!??? :)

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