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James M.

Posted on January 11, 2009 | 4

http://www.critterconcepts.com/ Tired of filling dog bowls? Save time- Created for Pet Professionals, the Critter Cooler will water your K9 crew for a week- Easy to use, easy to clean- Made in the USA.
Rebecca S.

Posted on January 9, 2009 | 3

Hi my name is Rebecca and I have 2 pets Buddy and Hershey and I love sports

Posted on December 27, 2008 | 2

I am looking for a home for Lizzy...she has been at our rescue for over 2 years. contact me for more info.
Kristy T.

Posted on December 27, 2008 | 11

My Dog turned a yr old in Nov. We have been feeding her puppy chow but have recently switched her to Dog chow because she is having to eat so much puppy chow to get full. well her Dog Chow has been sitting there for 2 days and she will not eat it. An… more ›

Posted on December 22, 2008 | 3

any tips on socialization?

Posted on December 18, 2008 | 1

Arden Moore, host of the popular “Oh Behave!” show on www.PetLifeRadio.com , extends a rare “Howl-i-wood” treat to dog lovers by inviting them to tune in to an interview featuring the stars of … more ›
Rox r.

Posted on December 17, 2008 | 20

Does anyone else buy their pet(s) Christmas gifts? People I work with keep saying Im the only one in the world that does. I dont have "real" kids to buy for so I buy for them. My guys get just as excited as a 4yr old at the name Santa Paws and when t… more ›

Posted on December 12, 2008 | 6

I was wondering if other dog lovers have noticed that dogs are drawn to a breed they are familiar with. My boxer seems to be more interested when an aussie comes to the dog park than when other breeds come in. The same goes for my aussie, he follows … more ›

Posted on December 7, 2008 | 1

www.myzoodio.com is a great site for pet lovers like all of you! its brand new and with your help it can become big! so sign up and upload your animal pictures and videos today!!!
Bea Y.

Posted on December 7, 2008 | 2


Posted on December 2, 2008 | 15

I was curious if there were any Dog Whisperer fans out there? I am a HUGE fan of Cesar Millan and his show (Dog Whisperer)! I dvr all his shows. I was surprised not to find any groups for his fans on here so I decided to make one! So, if anyone is a … more ›

Posted on December 2, 2008 | 8

We thought all of you dog lovers might enjoy Shakti's recent trick movie and thought we'd share that with you all. It's her 7th movie and this time it's a Trick Movie! Shakti's performing over 26 tricks in this movie. She knows many, many more tri… more ›

Posted on December 1, 2008 | 9

Hi, We just adopted a 6 month old puppy from the Humane Society. They could not tell me what he is a mix of. All his card said was "Mixed" for the breed. I think he is a lab mix. He looks ALOT like a lab. He is a light brownish color and he has beau… more ›

Posted on November 14, 2008 | 7

if u think u have the cutest dog ever than put it on here

Posted on November 4, 2008

Hi everyone! We're having an Election Day Special today at ThingsForPups.com. Use coupon code "VOTE20" at Checkout to receive 20% off your order! Pass on to everyone you know! Thanks!

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