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February 3, 2010 | By Anonymous | 1 comment

Tags: pet sitting, safety, lost pet, vacation

I saw this online and thought I would share. Two new pet businesses partnered to give their members extra perks! PETZcheckIN.com is an online service that verifies that your pet sitter showed up to take care of your pets. If the pet sitter doesn't checkin, the service automatically calls one of your back ups (like your mom or neighbor). This is really cool, because now you don't have to worry that your pets won't be taken care of when you are away!!

Amber Alert For Pets is an online group of pet owners who help ensure that lost pets are safely returned. You can purchase a membership and register your pets online. I like the idea that there is a whole community of pet lovers trying to help find your pet if they get lost!

I think these are both really great services, and right now if you are a member of PETZcheckIN.com you get a free one year membership for Amber Alerts for Pets and PETZcheckIN.com is giving Amber Alerts for Pets member 10 free credits when they purchase 30.

Go to wwwPETZcheckIN.com or www.amberalertforpets.com if you want to check it out
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