how YOU found your dog

August 30, 2009 | By penny m. | 3 comments

I foun 1 of my dogs on a cold wet day.I was puting up flyers at a houseing area when it begain to rain. We discided to put up a little more and go but just then I had seen a dog.
It had a fle collar on that extended way out.She was soaked and cold I brought her to the car and we took her home.HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR DOG?
Comments (3)

5 years ago

I found my puppy at the humane society in PA, he was 8 weeks and lively.I wasen't supposed to have another dog as i still lived with my mom, but he stol my heart the minute i saw him.I payed 45$ and he was on his way home with me.After we got home it wasnt long before he had everyones heart in his paw. :)

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